Team Information

DivisionNAIALocationLamoni, IA
ConferenceHeart of America (North) - Maplink
Record1-10 - Weatherlink
Projected1-10Winning Out100.0%

Game Schedule

26 Aug 2017MidAmerica NazareneHeart of America (South)NAIA25-48 L5-6
2 Sep 2017AvilaHeart of America (South)NAIA19-44 L3-8
9 Sep 2017@ Missouri ValleyHeart of America (South)NAIA13-45 L5-6
16 Sep 2017@ BakerHeart of America (South)NAIA14-66 L10-2
23 Sep 2017Central MethodistHeart of America (South)NAIA39-32 W2-9
7 Oct 2017@ EvangelHeart of America (South)NAIA7-38 L7-4
14 Oct 2017Benedictine KSHeart of America (North)NAIA0-56 L9-3
21 Oct 2017Grand ViewHeart of America (North)NAIA9-61 L9-3
28 Oct 2017@ Peru StHeart of America (North)NAIA34-55 L7-4
4 Nov 2017William PennHeart of America (North)NAIA6-42 L7-4
11 Nov 2017@ Culver-StocktonHeart of America (North)NAIA30-67 L1-10

Team Statistics

Max. Points Scored39Max. Points Allowed67
Min. Points Scored0Min. Points Allowed32
Total Points Scored196Total Points Allowed554
Points Scored Mean17.818Points Allowed Mean50.364
Points Scored Std-Dev12.656Points Allowed Std-Dev11.500
Home Games Won1Home Games Lost5
Away Games Won0Away Games Lost5
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